IN THE FIELD BUT WITH A SEA VIEW AND NEAR EVERYTHING Realization of a 3D project, as well as logo design, website, brochure, billboards for advertising the project. The exterior design of the sales stand was also carried out.

PROMOTE INTERACTION BETWEEN SPACES Remodeling of the social areas, creating a unique space with different uses. Application of new materials, furniture design and layout of the new living space with contemporary lines and neutral tones.

PROMOTE INTERACTION BETWEEN SPACES Remodeling and decoration of a T3 apartment. Various differentiating decorative solutions were created to meet customer needs, always adopting neutral tones and wood.

THE PLACE An unique volume was designed to establish a relationship with the 3 interior floors through a single box of stairs. The house works as a week-end, city house, with a living space (with a double height) and a meal and a rest suite. The first floor with access to the entrance can also […]